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We are a community pharmacy dedicated to providing quality products, professional excellence and service beyond the commonplace. We focus on customer service, broad merchandise selection, convenient locations, and services focused on you and your needs!

Simply Med Sync

Relax! We'll do the math. Only one trip once a month to the pharmacy for ALL your family’s meds, including your pet. It's that SIMPLE!

We will synchronize all of your family’s prescriptions, pets included, so that you can have them filled at the same time each month. You can even pick the date of refill. Let us help you make fewer trips to the pharmacy and simplify your life a little.

How does it work?

About three days before getting your family’s prescriptions refilled, you will receive a phone call from our pharmacy confirming the refills. We ensure your family is taking the right medications by checking with you to see if anyone has had changes in their medications. Your family and pet’s prescriptions will be ready for pickup or delivery before you run out of medication. It's convenient, free, and SIMPLE!

Let your pharmacist know your family wants to be on our Simply Med Sync Prescription Refill Program today!

Medication Therapy Management

Our Medication Therapy Management program includes several different services for a small consult fee with our veterinary pharmacist.

Simplify drug therapy. Reduce medication expenses. Avoid medication side effects. Improve medication knowledge of current and/or new medications. Ease medication administration challenges. Help you understand the medications your veterinarian has prescribed.

How does it work?

Each of these services includes a 30-minute one-on-one consultation with our veterinary pharmacist. During this consultation, we will review all your pet's medications, including prescriptions and supplements, regardless of where they were purchased. We will do our best to identify and/or prevent any complications, side effects, or interactions from your pet’s medications in addition to identifying any possible way we can save you money while maximizing your pet’s healthcare. We will even package your pet’s medication in easy, daily dose, blister packing. That way you never have to guess whether you've given your pet their medication that day and it's a gentle reminder to administer your pet’s meds on time. We will also call your pet’s veterinarian for you to request a cheaper alternative medication in addition to any drug therapy problems that may have been detected.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery! Be sure to check with your local Realo Discount Drugs for details on delivery options and schedules.


Online Refills
Easy, online refills for your busy on the go schedule. Refill through our website or download our app on your mobile device.


Loyalty Discount Program
Current Realo Pharmacy customers receive 10% off your pet's medications with in-store pickup.

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