For Veterinarians

Let us ease the burden of dosing and medication administration challenges. We can assist with drug information inquiries, compounding various dosage forms and finding financially feasible options for your patients. Realo Veterinary Pharmacy aims to make the prescription process as easy as possible for both the veterinarian and the client. We collaborate with our local veterinarians to create custom medication regimens that are tailored to each patient.

Our veterinary pharmacist and trained staff are equipped with resources to effectively and efficiently care for all our veterinary patients’ unique needs.

Compounding and Shipping

We are happy to compound medication for your veterinary clinic’s use. Any medications billed and shipped to the veterinary clinic should arrive within two business days. We offer free shipping for orders over $50.

Your clients may also have their medications shipped directly to their home. After we receive the prescription we will contact the owner for billing and shipping information before processing the order. The order should arrive within two business days.

More about our shipping policy and procedures.

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Our clinical staff is always happy to assist you with specific product inquiries.

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