RVP thinks your pet deserves a better pharmacy.

We provide the most well-trained veterinary pharmacists, the highest quality compounding facilities, and the most accessible, local expertise available to veterinarians and pet parents.

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Accessible, Local Expertise
Every animal is different. We work with you and your veterinarian to develop your pet’s optimal medication solution to ensure they receive the highest level of care. And we make it easy with medications delivered to your veterinary clinic or doorstep.
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How Does It Work?

1. Veterinarian-client-patient RELATIONSHIP
Discuss your pet's health and well-being with your veterinarian, along with any recommended medications necessary for treatment.
We will work with your veterinarian to understand your pet's condition and needs. We will then contact you to discuss dosing instructions, delivery and storage requirements.
Once you have received your pet's prescription, read the included medication guide and follow the treatment course as prescribed. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time. We have been in your shoes.

Our Services

  • Refill Request

    Simple and convenient. All you need is your pet’s name and/or prescription number.

  • Pharmacist Consult

    Any question, any time. Do not hesitate to ask questions during treatment, we have been in your shoes.

  • Adherence Packaging

    Along with delicious flavors and unique dosing forms, we can help make sure all caregivers in your home stay on the same page about when and if a dose has been given.

  • Auto-Fill

    We know your life is busy. Our auto refill program can help keep your pet’s medications on track. Our free reminder service can ensure we address any changes in therapy or delivery ahead of time.

  • Delivery

    We work with you to ensure the fastest delivery option possible. Courier, overnight, local retail pick-up - our goal is to start treatment without excessive delay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Compounding is the art of uniquely customizing medications specifically for a patient, including your pet. Whether it is in an easy to administer form, more exact strength, or a product that is not available any other way, our team is dedicated to personalized medications to fit all of our unique patients’ needs.

Getting meds couldn't be easier! Have your veterinarian office contact us directly to discuss best treatment of care, and we will take it from there. We will contact you to discuss dosing, flavoring, and any other concerns you have. No matter if you are traveling, having a loved one watch your pet, or just need a refill, we will deliver the medication whenever, wherever- for free! If you need automated refills or adherence packaging, our team is happy to help you with that as well.

Your veterinarian may likely be familiar with us. Just as our human pharmacies are known for impeccable service, we take the same level of care with our veterinary patients, with the added benefit of veterinary trained staff. If you prefer, we are also happy to contact your veterinarian for you.

Located in Research Triangle Park, we have many local pickup requests. Otherwise, we ship for free to your home, vacation destination, or office. Most deliveries arrive within a day of shipping. We strive to get most medications that are called in and verified made and delivered as soon as possible to meet your delivery window preference. If you'd like to waive the signature requirement for any packages delivered to your residence, please fill out our shipping waiver. Sign our Shipping Waiver

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