Your clinical partner and ally.

With capabilities and expertise beyond reproach, RVP removes the pressure on veterinarian’s to be the pharmacology expert. While you focus on what’s in front of you, we work to streamline the process of medicating your patient and reassuring apprehensive pet parents.

Accessible, Local Expertise
Our experience helps us understand how a veterinary clinic works and how chaotic pharmacy management can be. We built RVP to ensure our capabilities and accuracy cut down on repeat work for veterinarians and their staff.

How Does It Work?

1. Complete Your Clinic Assessment
Discuss findings with pet parent, along with options in treatment.
2. Consult With Us
Allow us to outline available therapies based on disease state, patient compliance concerns, and dosing options.
3. Begin Therapy
Acting on your behalf, we will create a unique therapy for your patient and coordinate prompt delivery to your pet parent.

Our Services

  • Your complete digital catalog to submit and review prescriptions, view dosing options, and communicate directly with our veterinary pharmacy team.

  • Alleviate frustrating cases or failures in treatment. It’s like having a veterinary pharmacist on staff, every day.

  • Whether you conduct rounds with your team regularly or just want good CE, our clinical program is right for you.

  • Adherence Packaging

    Compliance can be hard. Beyond dosing forms and flavoring agents, we can provide additional help in medication management within the home, limiting duplicate dosing or skipping treatments.

  • Auto-Fill

    Pet parent lives are busy. Our auto refill program can help keep their animal’s medications on track. Our free reminder service can ensure we address any changes in therapy or delivery ahead of time - giving your customers the same level of service they have come to expect from you directly!

  • Delivery

    We can triage the fastest delivery options on a case by case basis. Courier, overnight, local retail store pick-up - our goal is to start treatment without excessive delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work on your schedule. Call, email, or fax us. If you like the online ordering experience, we recommend giving our intuitive RVP DVM portal a try. See our catalog, dosing forms, submit new and refill prescriptions, order your office medications, AND review prior prescriptions, along with a notes section to communicate directly with us. RVP DVM Portal

Located in Research Triangle Park, we have many local pickup requests and we hand deliver to many veterinary offices. Otherwise, we ship for free to our clients’ home, vacation destination, or office. Most deliveries arrive within a day of shipping. We strive to get most medications that are called in and verified made and delivered as soon as possible to meet delivery window preferences.

We know that many of our veterinary colleagues are dealing with reporting headaches and we are happy to help. Please contact our team to go over our process for controlled substances or request a C-II ordering assistance package. For a helpful reference, feel free to view our Opioid Cheat Sheet. Opioid Cheat Sheet (PDF Download) Request a C-II Assistance Package

Beyond capsules, liquids and standard transdermal dosing forms, calls from you have pushed our team to develop many new dosing forms. Be it our flavored treats, micro-sized tablets and capsules, otic-packs or topical applications, we may already have what you are looking for. We love a compliance challenge and the opportunity to help your patients!

Clinical assistance is a novel approach to veterinary medicine, yet we find it the most natural and necessary part of our service. Whether it is simple antibiotic resistance and deciphering culture and sensitivity reports or more complex issues like multi-drug interactions, we can help. We also offer a dedicated pharmacological services program, where you can get CE, sit in on case study discussions, and have a veterinary pharmacist assigned to attend your rounds. Need assistance becoming USP<800> compliant? Let us help. Learn moreUSP<800> Audit and Workshop

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