Our History

Realo Veterinary Pharmacy has been a vision of Dr. Natalie Young for many years. Throughout significant training and specialized education, she began developing plans to bring an unprecedented depth of expertise and service to the veterinary community.

Fortunately, one of her former mentors put her plan in the hands of Robert J. McLaughlin, a two-time president of the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy and owner of Realo Drugs. It was a perfect fit, and everything just clicked upon their first meeting. Joey, seeing the need for such a novel program in community pharmacy, knew he had the resources to get the program successfully off the ground. He made Young an offer to launch her vision at Realo—a well-respected pharmacy with locations (and compounding facilities) across North Carolina.

RVP has grown tremendously to become the local pharmacy veterinarians can turn to for a reliable clinical and compounding program. Joey and Natalie’s idea has continued to add value to the veterinary community – providing advice on medications and helping fill in any knowledge gaps. They’ve worked to bring education to the pharmaceutical community as well. RVP serves as a specialty preceptor site for fourth-year pharmacy students and provides numerous continuing education opportunities throughout the year.

In January 2020, we were proud to move Realo Veterinary Pharmacy—North Carolina’s only veterinary-exclusive pharmacy and one of the only pharmacies of its kind in the U.S.—to its new location in Research Triangle Park. The site includes a state-of-the-art sterile compounding facility that allows staff to serve an extensive array of pet patients, from horses to exotics. It is our hope that this site will also help to build a bridge between veterinarians and pet parents. We want to be a resource for pet parents, so they don’t have to turn to ‘Dr. Google’ to find the answer to something they could ask us about their pet’s medicine.

And, when it comes down to the heart of the matter, our pets are our family members. They are beings with real feelings and real emotions. So, why would we not give them the utmost medical care that we can? In keeping with Realo’s mission to take care of the entire family, RVP offers our pet patients the same caliber of care and medication quality that we would give to a human.

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